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The Tradeshift Index of Global Trade Health Q2 2021

Tradeshift’s Index of Global Trade Health analyzes anonymized data flowing across our platform to reveal a timely perspective of how external events are impacting business to-business commerce around the world.

Harnessing the resilience dividend

Harnessing the resilience dividend by Mikkel Hippe Brun, co-founder, Tradeshift

Treading water won’t keep recovery on course

Our data shows cumulative transaction volumes across US supply chains have accelerated past China which had been leading the global recovery up to this point.

Digital must become the default for supply chains, Q/A with Quyntess

We sat down with Rob van Ipenburg, Managing Partner at Quyntess to discuss the state of Global Trade Q2 2021 and what it means for the future of supply chains.x

How Tradeshift helped Corning to take charge of supplier analytics

With ambitious goals for collecting their data, Corning needed the support and assistance of Tradeshift to create a productive and strong supply chain.

Tradeshift in Retail

Tradeshift helps retailers grow by building a modern B2B supply chain network and digitizing trade.

Tradeshift in Manufacturing

With a robust network of vendors and platforms that foster enhanced communication and collaboration, Tradeshift helps manufacturers create effective relationships with their suppliers and customers.

Tradeshift in Transportation and Logistics

Tradeshift enables transportation and logistics professionals to grow by building a modern B2B supply chain network and digitizing trade.

Establishing strategic KPIs for accounts payable

Some surefire steps you can follow to build out your KPIs for accounts payable.

What it takes to create a compliant invoice process

In this article we break down the complex topic of invoicing compliance and offer advice for how you can ensure your operations are compliant and running smoothly.

The definitive Accounts Payable guide to becoming strategic

Everything you need to know about how to become a strategic accounts payable function.

Sovos and Tradeshift Make Tax Compliance Simple

Sovos and Tradeshift Make Tax Compliance Simple Each year, tax authorities introduce new, stricter regulations…

Tackling global tax compliance with Tradeshift (3 of 3)

Tax compliance is much less straightforward than e-invoicing compliance. As a result, ensuring that transactions are conducted compliantly requires additional levels of review from customers and suppliers. Compared to e-invoicing requirements, tax compliance requirements differ more across countries. Because of this, the specific methodology for ensuring tax compliance will vary depending on which country you are operating in.

3 ways to secure early payments

The disruptions of COVID-19 are far-reaching, and it will be quite some time until we understand the full extent of its impact. One thing, however, is quite clear — businesses need to implement new digital technologies and processes that support a more resilient supply chain, and that help you to get paid faster.

Ensuring e-invoicing compliance efficiency with Tradeshift (2 of 3)

Ensuring e-invoicing compliance efficiency with Tradeshift (2 of 3) June 22, 2021 LYUBOV SKENDEROVA In…