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How retailers are using digital platforms to meet consumer demands

While initially hit hard by the pandemic, the retail industry has the opportunity to expand its operations, but it will take embracing digital tools.

Breaking down barriers to production in manufacturing

Discover expert advice for manufacturing professionals when it comes to strengthening their supply chains.

How Accounts payable internal controls secure your AP process

Stay free of risk and error by using accounts payable internal controls within your AP process. See what you can do to improve your procure-to-pay process.

Accounts payable automation for finance

Our world is built with a need for strong financial institutions, and with that, safe and secure ones that we can trust to protect our finances and information. In a world where so much of what we do takes place in a virtual manner, having ap automation solutions to help mitigate r

Digitalization in retail is the key to success

Digitalization is not a new idea by any means. It’s been a buzzword spread around the business space for years now. But, what you might not be aware of, is how digitalization can help you create an efficient, productive, and adaptable approach to retail supply chain management.

The push for digitalization in manufacturing

At its core, manufacturing is about creating strong relationships with buyers, building out a streamlined production process, and ensuring a steady flow of supplies and cash flow. But, many manufacturers are finding troubles with securing payments and creating a reliable and organized process. Enter: digital transformation

Ensuring tax and e-invoicing compliance with Tradeshift

Here we offer a detailed explanation of what you will need to know when analyzing and ensuring compliance, and how Tradeshift can help.

Why digitalizing the supply chain requires a fresh approach

Digitalization is difficult, but it can transform an organization if approached from the correct angle says Gert Sylvest, Co-founder and GM, Tradeshift.

Standardizing your Accounts Payable processes to prevent invoice exceptions

Modern enterprises need the support and reliability of a standardized and digitized Accounts Payable process to streamline their operations

What can a social network teach B2B networks? A lot, it turns out.

At Tradeshift, Ted Truscott helps suppliers get the most out of our network by building connections from day one. We sat down with Ted to find out more about what he does and what makes his work with sellers so impactful.

A comprehensive list of countries where Tradeshift supports compliance

Ensuring compliance on a global scale can be tricky. With Tradeshift, you can avoid the headache. See which countries are supported by our services:

What can the B2C buying experience teach B2B marketplaces?

B2B online spend has increased dramatically over the past eighteen months. We sat down with Subrata Govil, Senior Director of Product Strategy for B2B Marketplaces at Tradeshift, to help us understand the shift to digital in the B2B space.

What are the parts of an Invoice?

Many businesses utilize invoices when it comes to customer orders. Check out what information is included in an invoice to ensure your AP team is up to date!

Why you need to create a strategic accounts payable function

Creating a strategic accounts payable function can help transform your processes and build a resilient and effective supply chain. See how:

How Tradeshift and Genpact are tackling digitalization

Tradeshift prides itself on our strategic and innovative partnerships. Often, we like to shed a spotlight on specific achievements that our partners accomplish. Today, we set our sights on Genpact, an innovative business firm striving to make digitalization a reality for all.