Digital solutions in action: How Tradeshift is changing AP at Copenhagen Airports

October 6, 2020
Editorial Team

Copenhagen Airports (CPH) is Europe’s most efficient airport. They process nearly 50,000 invoices a year. That adds up to a lot of paper. Anyone who has been to an airport knows that efficiency is paramount. That’s why CPH was looking for an e-invoicing solution that could simplify and automate the process, as well as one that would also allow the purchase-to-pay function to stay agile and prepared for the future.

Hear Rasmus Bork Christensen, Manager Finance Projects, discuss why CPH chose to implement Tradeshift, including:

  • How it has transformed AP
  • How it helped them continue doing business during the COVID-19 lockdown
  • How it works alongside other solutions, like existing ERP systems
  • How Tradeshift worked tirelessly to help CPH overcome these challenges