Paradigm Shift Debate 1: How should we measure prosperity?

November 12, 2020 Lindsay Codd

Yesterday, we kicked off season two of Paradigm Shift with a lively debate on the economy with Tradeshift CEO Christian Lanng, Jack Cassel from Nasdaq, and Benard Odote of House of Procurement. The debate was moderated by award-winning journalist and founder of Coindesk, Dan Ilett.

The most pressing question on the table for our panelists was whether or not GDP is still the best way to measure a country’s prosperity. They tackled the shortcomings of GDP, as well as its benefits, and discussed new models for measuring success that include health, personal satisfaction and spiritual well-being. As always, the guests didn’t shy away from the tough topics and the conversation is one you will want to pay close attention to.

Join us next week for debate #2 “What would you pay to save the planet?” November 18 at 8 AM PT | 4 PM GMT Register here.