Tradeshift supercharges seller e-invoicing adoption with new adaptive onboarding solution

September 1, 2020
Dave Kosovec

At Tradeshift, we have the best seller onboarding rates in the business. It’s why more enterprises than ever are selecting us to digitally connect their supply chain.

What makes our approach to seller onboarding so successful? It’s simple. We create value for sellers and give them a compelling reason to join the Tradeshift network and digitally connect to your business.

In our latest product releases, we’re excited to announce the new ways we’re creating seller value and how it’ll supercharge onboarding rates and ensure Tradeshift delivers immediate ROI to your business.

Adaptive Onboarding creates immediate seller value

Tradeshift Engage has transformed the way buyers and sellers connect. Since we launched Engage in March, we’ve had more suppliers than ever join the network to connect digitally with their customers and get paid faster.

Now, with our new Adaptive Onboarding solution, we’re giving your sellers even more reason to join the network. By creating value upfront for your sellers it’ll accelerate onboarding rates, and ensure you’re extracting maximum value from your seller relationships.

Adaptive Onboarding works by using the data you provide us to create fully personalized invitations for your sellers. In each invite we'll provide them with a real-time status update on their outstanding invoices, giving sellers a taste of the value they’ll get using Tradeshift..

When they click through the email, they’ll arrive on a tailored pre-onboarding page. Here we expose them to even more data points that show the full power of the network. As well as invoice status they’ll see payment due dates, the total amount of outstanding invoices, average days for payment turnaround, and rejected invoices, alongside a clear button to activate their account for free.

The solution isn’t just for your sellers not yet on the Tradeshift network. We’re also able to target inactive sellers on the network to show them why they should make full use of their free Tradeshift account and ensure more of your sellers are working with you digitally.

Taking the pain away from credit notes

Many accounts payable teams we speak with express their frustration about dealing with credit notes. Tracking and reconciling these with other documents is a complex manual process. And usually teams are only working with half truths, resulting in errors and unnecessary time wasted.

To ease the pain, we’ve developed a new app available to all Tradeshift Pay customers. Designed to be highly intuitive and responsive, the app allows teams to collaborate with stakeholders to ensure full transparency and process credit notes quickly and without error.

With Ada, our network AI layer, you can also automate how you manage credit notes. Ada will automate or suggest coding and match credit note lines to other documents. It’ll even detect and code the unplanned costs.

If there are exceptions, Ada will route them to the right person or team. With direct routing and less manual touches, you can resolve discrepancies faster, saving time and resources.

As always, you’re in total control. Using the Automation Dashboard, you can see how Ada has coded the credit notes and decide how much you want to automate credit note coding based on your levels of confidence.

Simpler and more intuitive app navigation

You’ll notice some things look different on the Tradeshift platform. Not only have we applied our rebrand—which we hope you love—we’ve also enhanced the UI and UX to make using Tradeshift faster and easier than ever.

Here are a handful of the improvements:

Streamlined app navigation sidebar

We’ve streamlined our app navigation sidebar to only show you the most important apps, allowing more space for what you’re working on. Not seeing what you want in the sidebar? Click on the ‘All Apps’ button to show all your available apps and customize your sidebar.

Switch branches easily

Users working with multiple branches can now switch among different branches faster. The improved navigation sidebar now contains a ‘Switch Branch’ button to access your most frequently used branches in one click.

New messages app

Tracking communications with your colleagues and sellers is now simpler than ever. With our new Messages App you can see a consolidated view of all your conversations on the Tradeshift platform and quickly access any supporting documents.

Create a new documents or connections in seconds

Our new Create App reduces the number of steps you must take when creating a new document or connection. For instance, when you’re creating an e-invoice from an order, the platform will take you to the Document Manager and filter by orders so you can easily select the one needed for invoicing. Simple.

Find out what Tradeshift can do for you

These are just a selection of the recent updates we’ve made to the Tradeshift product in our latest release. Want to know more? Check out the full release notes here.

If you’re not yet part of our network, but keen to learn more about what Tradeshift can do for you, then why not join us for a demo. Sign up here for a time that suits you.

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