Tradeshift payables technology solutions ranked Best-in-Class in Ardent Partners ePayables Technology Advisor

For a “modern solution set, dynamic marketplace and platform, and compelling vision”


Best-in-Class performance

We’ve always worked from the fundamental belief of commerce for all—for any company, anywhere in the world, no matter how small or large. That’s why from the start we’ve worked to develop a solution that unlocks access to global trade. Central to our mission is helping buyers and suppliers digitize all their trade transactions, collaborate on every process in real-time, and connect to a growing network via marketplaces and extendable apps. When that’s the global default, any business can seamlessly maximize value all across their entire supply chain.

And that’s why we’re so proud to earn Best-in-Class in Ardent Partners’ ePayables Technology Advisory for 2019. In fact, we were high achievers in overall Provider Strength including being a notable performer in how invoices are received and how payments are scheduled and executed. It validates our efforts to make B2B trade effortless for our customers.

Ardent Partners noted three distinct areas we’re excelling at in e-invoicing and payments:.

Intuitive design

We’ve worked hard to create a user experience that’s simple and intuitive to use because being able to work directly with your suppliers and key stakeholders is paramount to your business. Why should good user experience design be limited to the consumer industry? Ardent Partners recognizes that our “modern design also supports an intuitive and fluid supplier enablement and activation process that can accelerate an AP transformation process.” This includes our artificial intelligence, Ada. We make it easy for anyone invoicing to quickly find and sort any digital information on their network, instead of manually searching for answers that could take hours or even days.

Tradeshift Marketplace

We’ve been saying for a while now that a great digital solution shouldn’t be an excuse to coerce your suppliers to join a new service. A great solution should be great for both sides of the supply chain. Our marketplace helps build stronger buyer-supplier relations, and gives your suppliers an adaptable marketplace to sell their catalog products to every buyer on our network.  

And with our suite of “100 third-party apps to add value to the overall AP, P2P, and Source-to Settle processes,” you and your suppliers don’t have to start the whole buying and selling process over again every time you enter an agreement. Our solution is modular, enhanceable, and adaptable to your needs.

Supply Chain Finance

Tradeshift Pay is supported by over a dozen major banks and credit cards, including global flag-bearers, HSBC and Santander. The best part about our partnerships is that it gives global SMEs access to electronic payments and finance options where, traditionally, they’re limited to check-based transactions. It also gives any business on the platform a single unified wallet to take advantage of “a broad range of payment and supply chain finance capabilities.” We’re also “in the process of delivering a Blockchain-based series of capabilities” through Tradeshift Frontiers.

Ultimately, these accolades get to the heart of what we’re doing at Tradeshift, and that’s why it’s so exciting to see it confirmed in the market. So while we’re proud to be recognized for the great work we’re doing as the leader in supply chain payments and marketplaces, we’re even prouder that we’re making it ever easier for companies around the world to do trade.

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