Tradeshift Go takes home ‘Product Innovation of the Year’ PayStream Advisors Award

October 26, 2016 Haley Fraser

We’re proud to announce that Tradeshift Go has won the ‘Product Innovation of the Year’ award from PayStream Advisors.

The analysts at Paystream Advisors (recently acquired by Levvel) announced the seventh annual Innovative Technology of the Year awards at the APP2P Conference & Expo in Las Vegas. Every year, the experts at PayStream recognize ‘automation software providers that deliver standout solutions designed to streamline expensive, time-consuming back-office finance processes.’


What makes Tradeshift Go standout? When Go was released in June this year it was a man-on-the-moon scale step forward to providing businesses a free, simple way to track and manage their credit card spend. While it may not sound sexy, when you see the app in action it might change your mind. Venturebeat thought it was sexy enough to say a few words on it in this press release.

This honor was significant for Tradeshift Go, as the award criteria mirrored our goals for the product:

“In a crowded market, these solutions stand apart as true disruptors, having the potential to solve complex business process problems, improve efficiency, and reduce costs to an extent beyond what we see with most products. They’ve achieved a level of innovation in design that makes it easy for stakeholders to get on board, which frees up resources and accelerates ROI,” said Jimmy LeFever, Director of Research & Consulting at PayStream Advisors.

Tradeshift Go, the first virtual credit card application of its kind, received humbling praise from PayStream Advisors in the wake of the award:

“Tradeshift’s Go product is a groundbreaking booking technology that redefines the way machine learning and human concierge services work together. Using a chat-based interface, the Go solution helps companies automate their travel and procurement spend without complicated implementations or onboarding. Employees can use the solution to get what they need or get where they need to while the finance department gets control and visibility” said LeFever.

Thank you PayStream Advisors – a research and advisory firm dedicated to innovation in supply chain management – for including Tradeshift Go among the candidates in this category.

To learn more about Tradeshift Go,  request a demo.

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