Tradeshift Go receives high praise, Australasia expansion, and things that go ‘bump’ in the supply chain

November 2, 2016 Haley Fraser

Monthly roundup

Monthly roundup – October

While you were busy procuring candy for Halloween, you might have missed some of the procurement and supply chain headlines from last  month:

1.  Almost Unicorn (so… a very nice horse?)

“Very early on, we connected a lot of companies in India [that] were in the long tail of the supply chain,” Tradeshift CEO Christian Lanng told CNBC at WEF India. With 15,000 companies already using the Tradeshift platform, it’s easy to see why there is huge potential for India’s small business sector.

2.  G’day mate

Meanwhile, across the Indian Ocean, Tradeshift made a global leap to Australia. “Tradeshift’s vision for connecting businesses digitally across the globe will help many Australian and New Zealand businesses to expand and strengthen their supply chains,” said Nigel Wardropper, CEO of Procurement and Supply Australasia (PASA). This exciting development will further connect global business on the leading business commerce platform.

3.  Zooming past manual invoicing

Eberspächer, a leading global manufacturer of goods key to the automotive industry, needed a solution to digitize their invoices while maintaining compliance with numerous countries. Hence why they chose Tradeshift. In the words of Oliver Frille, Vice President of Procurement & Supply Chain management for Climate Controls Division within the Eberspächer Group “…Tradeshift allows us to be flexible. With their extensible platform, we can easily extend our business applications to best suit our requirements and business.

4.  Tradeshift Go wows PayStream Advisors

We’re honored that Tradeshift Go won the ‘Product Innovation of the Year’ Award from PayStream Advisors. Curious about what makes Tradeshift Go great for mid-market companies? Request a demo.

5.  You’ve just been hired as a CPO… now what?

Your first 100 days as a CPO might just define your worth to your new employer, so make them count. Luckily, the Hackett Group reported on this very topic. Don’t want to read through the whole report? Check out the infographic.

6.  #BumpInTheSupplyChain

Supply chain risk is the Boogeyman that keeps buyers up at night. How should you go about mitigating supply chain risk? This Halloween inspired blog post shows you how to avoid the things that go ‘bump’ in the supply chain.

7.  Procurement gets an IPO

If you followed procurement tech news this month, you’re well aware of the most recent IPO from our eProcurement competitor, Coupa. This strong IPO brought well-deserved attention to our corner of the business world. This is great news for our industry, and speaks volumes to the value younger, agile competitors can bring to the industry.

8.  Speaking of Halloween…

Tradeshift celebrated Halloween with costumes and candy. Curious to see the winning costumes? View the pics and follow us on Facebook  and Instagram!