Top 9 blog posts of 2018

January 3, 2019 Tradeshift Editorial Team

There we have it: 2018 has come and gone. And since it’s the new year, we want to look back and take stock of all the great topics and innovations of 2018. Spare a minute of your new year and join us in some auld lang syne.

1. Kick start your career

Ok, so you get three for the price of one here. Whether you’re an accounts payable hero, treasury superstar, or procurement pro we’ve got you covered. Take a look at what you can do to further your career, and keep your eyes peeled for more top tips on career progression in 2019.

2. The robots are coming

The robots might be coming, but they’re coming to make your job easier. If you’re in accounts payable, automation can drastically reduce the amount of paper you have to process and give you more time to focus on strategic planning for your department.

3. 9 Trillion dollar question

There’s too much friction in the supply chain to make global business thrive. Case in point: the 9 trillion dollars languishing as receivables. A digital marketplace that can provide visibility and ready finance for small businesses can fix the global liquidity problem.

4. How to survive zombies in your supply chain

Halloween may be a distant memory, but that doesn’t mean you the zombies in your supply chain have gone away. And if you have zombies in your supply chain, beware, it might only be a matter of time before you’re disrupted. Read on and find out what you can do to stave off the zombie invasion.

5. 5 accounts payable nightmares that keep you up at night

More scary stories to tell in the dark: five of them, actually. We wrote about the existential nightmare of paper invoicing and how you can wake up from the manual nightmare with a robust digital e-invoicing solution.

6. Simplifying cash management for finance

The hype machine around automation can make anyone a skeptic, especially when everyone has a different solution that really isn’t much of a difference. But the potential gains of a truly automated process are worth the implementation. We focused on three common finance complexities and how automation simplifies them. 

7. 5 stats that prove Accounts Payable professionals are rockstars

Accounts Payable pros: we salute you. You do the work that makes your department run, but it’s rare you get the credit for what you do. And you do a ton! So even if you might not get all the accolades you deserve, we’re here to rock out with you because you’re the true rockstar shredding behind the scenes.

8. The Supply chain of the World Cup

World events give us a chance to talk about how cool trade is. Of course, all eyes were on the soccer (football!) games, but the immense effort to get everything from the stadiums built to the beer flowing to the balls rolling on the field (pitch!), is fascinating to dig into. Look back on what it takes to make the World Cup a success.

9. Banking on a revolution

We’re always keeping a keen eye on movements in finance and it’s clear the banking industry is in the midst of a revolution. Our Vice President, Global Fintech and Banking Alliances, Andrew Jesse, gave his take on the state of the banking industry and what’s to come.


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