Three short videos point to the future of procurement

October 3, 2016 Tradeshift Editorial Team

The Procurement Revolution

Tradeshift’s Director of Solutions Marketing, Vishal Patel, took to the airwaves on the Art of Procurement as part of last week’s The Procurement Revolution.

Innovation is a hot topic, with global firms scrambling to get agile in a scalable and repeatable way. Patel began with this topic, describing how you can embed agility within your organization and why it matters. Check out the clip below.

Next, Patel covered circular procurement and sustainability, a topic he’s uniquely qualified to discuss these topics after authoring the definitive white paper on the subject.

Lasty, he discussed the role of virtual assistants in the current and future procurement landscapes. In the clip below, he covers some early applications and predictions for the future.

The Art of Procurement recently invited Tradeshift CEO Christian Lanng for an in-depth interview.

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