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February 26, 2016 Tradeshift Editorial Team

CEO discussion

Tradeshift CEO Christian Lanng and SAP Ariba President Alex Atzberger discussed the future of software and innovation with Dana Gardner of BriefingsDirect. The competitors found much to agree on, despite the starkly different approaches of Tradeshift and SAP Ariba.

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The two leaders covered supply chains, apps, and more. A major topic was how to strike the right balance between solidifying the gains already made in traditional software and business with the exciting new technology hitting the market–specifically things like mobile and cloud-born apps that increase agility.

Without revealing too much, it’s safe to say this sort of collaborative discussion isn’t a day-to-day occurrence in the high-tech world. The catalyst for this conversation was a panel discussion featuring Lanng and Atzberger in Davos during the World Economic Forum last month. It was a highlight in a week full of big names and bright ideas at the Tradeshift Sanctuary.


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