Partner Perspectives: Michele Snead, Director of Performance Consulting at Insight

December 3, 2019 James Hayward

Partner Perspectives is our ongoing series of conversations with business leaders from Tradeshift’s strategic partners around the world. They’ll provide you with unique insights into the latest trends in business and offer tips and advice on how to become more efficient, agile, and successful.

As we found at our recent Innovation Summit, managing the people side of change is crucial for any enterprise digitally transforming. But how do you manage the people side of change? What are the best practices? And why is it so important to get it right?
To answer these questions, I recently sat down with Michele Snead, a change management expert and Director of Performance Consulting at Insight (formerly Abreon), one of Tradeshift's newest partners, to learn more about the people side of change. Here's what she had to say.

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James is a Senior Content Marketing Manager at Tradeshift, focused on crafting compelling stories that provide supply chain professionals with unique insights and actionable advice on how to take their organization to the next level. A journalist by trade, James was previously the Global Editor at Treasury Today magazine.

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