Paradigm Shift highlights: 'The Lab' — creating seller value & adapting accounts payable to a new roadmap

May 27, 2020 Martin Malloy

In week three, Paradigm Shift took a deep dive into how every aspect of business has been affected by, and can learn from, the current crisis. From prioritizing seller value within a supply chain ecosystem to a new urgency to leverage digital tools, Tradeshift's own VP of Network and key customers discussed what they've seen, how they're adapting, and where Tradeshift fits in.

First, Tony Alvarez, VP of Network at Tradeshift, kicked things off with a discussion about the need to focus on, and provide more value for, sellers in the supply chain ecosystem. And how Tradeshift Engage is already helping buyers do that:

Then, we split up into breakout session to dig deeper with some of our customers on what they've been experiencing during the past few months, and the successes they've had.

Watch Rock Persaud, Director of Accounts Payable & Global Payable Systems atTake-Two Interactive Software, Inc., discuss how he put together a contingency plan for his team pre-pandemic and what he's learned along the way since having to implement it:

Finally, Tammy Johnson, Director of Accounts Payable at First Advantage Corporation, spoke about how she's enabled her team to continue working during the sudden shift to remote work:

Ready to learn more about what's next for Accounts Payable and how to ensure you're set up to succeed? Be sure to check out our daily walkthrough to see how Tradeshift can accelerate your digitization journey and unlock the full value from your supply chain. 


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