March Madness at Tradeshift: IBX, Ada & HSBC

April 3, 2017 Haley Fraser

Monthly Roundup – March

March was among the most significant months for Tradeshift us as we are on track to double the size of our company via an acquisition, and we’ve launched an artificial intelligence layer on our platform. Read all about it below.  

1. We’ve acquired IBX and will become the largest business commerce platform

The IBX team provides gray hair, a strong, proven track record of cohesion, a conservative voice of reason and knowledge across the S2P continuum. The Tradeshift team brings exceptional energy, spunk, vision, paradox and rapid-fire Twitter skills — a modern P2P Hamlet, if you will.” – Jason Busch, Spend Matters. The deal is expected to close in April, and will mark the creation of the largest business commerce platform. 

2. Fintechs are friends, not foes

The scene as described by Business Insider’s William Oscar-Grut says it all: “On one side sat Christian Lanng, the Danish founder of Tradeshift, wearing bright blue shoes, a dark jacket over a black t-shirt, and a baseball cap with futuristic symbols on it. Opposite him sat Vivek Ramachandran, HSBC’s global head of propositions and trade & receivables finance, in a full suit, tie, and smart black shoes.”


But in fintech, opposites attract when they share a vision. This week, Tradeshift and HSBC have announced a partnership to offer an alternative and affordable working capital options to joint customers. This development will help small businesses obtain financing easily as they grow and scale. We’re excited for what the future holds for this partnership. Read more about this news: PYMNTS, Finextra

3. Taking the panic out of pandemic

One of the growing benefits of a platform is the ease of communication across geographical barriers. This is the exact thinking that produced the supply chain platform designed by NEC in a joint program with The United Nations World Food Program, to respond to disease outbreaks. The slightest inefficiency in a supply chain can be a life or death situation in a pandemic.

4. And the winner is…

Rinus Strydom, Tradeshift’s Vice President of Alliances, has been featured as a CRN Channel Chief. He was recognized for his work in alliances and for his terrific enthusiasm for channel sales. We’re thrilled to see Rinus recognized for his hard work.

5.  Christian Lanng joins Harry Stebbings on The Twenty Minute VC

Want to learn how to raise $200m in any economic climate and scale from garage to global in record time? Catch Christian Lanng’s interview on The Twenty Minute VC and hear our growth story.

6. AI meets procurement, right now

Meet Ada, a major addition to the Tradeshift platform. Ada is the new AI layer that will make buying, paying, and collaborating even easier. See how Ada works in this quick demo:


7. Virginia leads the nation in legalizing delivery robots

You read that correctly. Delivery robots have a lot of potential for shipping and logistics. While they have failed to legalize trick-or-treating on Halloween, this commonwealth has chosen to take the plunge into delivery robots, and you can expect to see these robots driving your packages right to your door.

8. Trade-rift

China has played an increasingly more important role in the global trade scene as globalization was embraced in the past few years. Now, as protectionism grows in popularity, China is taking a firm stance on behalf of globalization, which they alluded to during the World Economic Forum in Davos. See what steps China has been taking to revamp trade.