Capture your business spend: no Pokeball needed

July 27, 2016 Haley Fraser

How Pokémon GO exposes a deep lesson in an unexpected place

Pokémon GO is a huge success for many reasons. It’s the first game to incorporate augmented reality on a mass scale. It even surpassed Twitter in terms of daily active users! Now that’s disruptive. Its success lies in its simplicity. You just install the app on your smartphone, a device you’re likely already using one third of your waking hours anyway. You don’t need to go to Target or Gamestop to purchase a pricey console. You don’t need to read the backstory of the app. In a few minutes you can go from dreaming of days past to chasing Pikachu down your city streets.

There are many things you can learn from Pokémon GO’s success, but the most important? Build your product where your users already are. Why? Quick wins. And you can use the same process for your spend management.  

Now (and let’s suspend disbelief here for a moment) imagine if your spend management solution was that easy. Install an app and boom, your employees use it. If your employees completed expense reports with the same enthusiasm that gamers show as they try to catch ‘em all, you could spend all that reconciliation time doing something fun and adventurous (like playing Pokémon GO).

If you want to capture 100% of your company spend under management take a page out of Pokémon GO’s book: go where your employees already are. Don’t force them into expense reports and crappy, unintuitive software that they don’t want to use. Give them a mobile tool that makes purchases easy for everyone.

Enter Tradeshift Go. Go is a spend management virtual assistant that was released on June 22nd. Go was designed with the end user in mind, taking into consideration the convenience and simplicity we constantly crave. In a recent interview with Go product gurus, Minqi Jiang and Peter Zakin, they divulged the thought process behind Go and the technology that is driving the app’s success:

One of the early design decisions that Minqi and I made was that we did not want our customers to have to speak a pseudo language using slash commands or [follow] the way that users today interface with Google,” said Zakin.

Rather than forcing employees to use tools that are unintuitive, provide them with a tool that is easy to use. Tradeshift Go touts a chat-based interface that is reminiscent of a text message conversation with a friend. There is no training or onboarding needed for your employees, saving you, and them, time. (Talk about cost savings right there!) Additionally, since all spend management is captured with the pre-approved virtual cards Go issues, you don’t have to pester your employees to keep up on expense reports and they don’t have to hunt you down to purchase what they need to do their jobs. And Tradeshift Go is free to use, just like Pokémon GO. Like we said earlier, simplicity is key.

As Pokémon GO shows its potential for growth one thing is certain: gaming has changed permanently. But the bigger lesson learned here? Go to your users. Don’t make them come to you. With 30 million Pokémon GO downloads (at the time of this post) the path to success is clear. Take the spend management game to your users. Tradeshift Go: spend management that’s easier than catching a Magikarp.

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