A Year in Review: The Best Tradeshift Content of 2016

December 21, 2016 Haley Fraser

2016 was a year of accelerating change and turbulence. Politics, geopolitics, and markets all wrong-footed polls and expectations, showing the only guarantee against risk is the ability to be agile and to adapt.

Based on traffic to our blog and feedback at industry events, the future of business commerce, network-centric software, and procurement agility stood out. Moreover, the influx of new technologies, such as warehouse drones, self-driving truck fleets, 3D-printed materials, and fintech, have only fueled debate. Which of our stories stood out most? Take a look at our year in review below.

The future of procurement

Procurement played on the big stage this year, making it all the way to Davos during the World Economic Forum. SAP Ariba President, Alex Atzberger and Tradeshift CEO and Co-founder, Christian Lanng discussed the future of business software and networks live in front of global leaders. Dana Gardner of BriefingsDirect liked the topic so much, he invited the two to recreate it on his show. You can hear their full discussion in the blog post: Tech leaders delve into disruption, innovation, and the future of business.

Christian Lanng delivered a keynote at ProcureCon Indirect East that few in the procure-to-pay space would soon forget. Lanng spoke of the future of procurement and sent a riveting message to every CPO in the audience. Don’t miss his advice. Read the post: Tradeshift CEO on the future of procurement.

Speaking of the future of procurement, cloud-based software is evolving to “living” platforms that allow for constant iteration. In contrast, legacy software boxes in teams causing stagnation. An open platform that allows for third-party development benefits both suppliers and buyers since it can handle a radical diverse set of use cases and business needs.

Fourth industrial revolution hits supply chains

This year is the first in which drones and 3D printing entered manufacturing in full swing. These technologies along with robotics and artificial intelligence, are merging and spearheading the advent of the fourth industrial revolution. However, the unknowns introduced by AI are raising significant ethical questions. Will smart machines completely displace humans? Find out:  The rise of the supply chain machines.

The shipping and logistics industry is being disrupted with self-driving trucks and Hyperloop technology. Incumbents should assess and embrace such technologies to remain competitive. See how we recommend navigating the technological disruption of shipping and logistics.

The “back-office” goes full-frontal

The first 100 days in any role is a critical point to prove oneself. If you’re a fledgling Chief Procurement Officer (CPO), you cannot simply offer cost-cutting strategies to your new employer. We created a checklist to help the modern Chief Procurement Officer rock their first 100 days. How do you know if your procure-to-pay process is also up to snuff? We made another checklist, so take a look: How does your P2P stack up?  

Passing around one company credit card leaves your company open to fraud, but this practice is being phased out thanks to innovation in the virtual card space. Curious how V-cards can protect your firm? See How virtual credit cards work and why they are superior to shared plastic.

Future of global trade

China initiated the largest tax reform in decades back in 2012. In 2016, the government began implementation. Global companies will need to learn how to adjust and remain compliant. Here is What multinationals need to know about invoice compliance in China.

Now that the election is over, businesses, pundits, and well everyone is wondering what to expect with the new presidency. With increasingly complex supply chains and innovation becoming an imperative for every industry, we chose to explore The Trump Presidency: What it means for global trade.