A snowstorm, a poet at the pulpit, and more. It’s the #TradeshiftAtDavos kickoff post.

January 23, 2018 Amy Moore

While the World Economic Forum takes place down the street, Tradeshift joins many other businesses and organizations for the “unofficial Davos”–a week-long marathon of non-WEF media events, panels, networking parties, and sideshows. In contrast with the soft, constant snowfall, there’s an electricity in the air from the feeling that possibility lurks around every icy corner. Not only business possibilities–although certainly many participants, including Tradeshift, represent the business side of the world–but human possibilities. Because while people do come to the unofficial Davos “on business,” many come to “change business.” And in the shadow of WEF, Davos is a great place to think big.

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Davos talks about massive snowfall and the arrival of Trump.

Preach it
Opening night at The Tradeshift Sanctuary with poet IN-Q getting attendees to connect with each other right there and then.

Visitors to The Tradeshift Reserve take fragmented selfies in Drue Kataoka’s art installation. Conversations abound on how more participants can get connected to global trade.

#DavosMirror Art Installation inside “The Reserve” at #HotelEurope inside @tradeshift Come & take a picture of your own #DavosMirror reflection tonight after 8pm just like @AhrensDavid #davos #davos2018 #wef18 #wef pic.twitter.com/AIZ6DbLQVV

— Drue Kataoka @ Davos (@DrueKataoka) January 22, 2018

Christian Lang, CEO and co-founder of Tradeshift talking about how more inclusive trade can help more economies participate and grow #wef18 pic.twitter.com/CCTPxbD8wY

— CNBC International (@CNBCi) January 22, 2018

In the news
Our shortlist of Davos stories in the news.

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