6 key takeaways from the Tradeshift Innovation Summit

Editor’s note: This is a guest blog post by Adam Cleveland, Tradeshift’s VP of Demand Generation.

Two weeks ago, we held our inaugural Tradeshift Innovation Summit in New York City, and it was a day filled with exciting stories and industry-shifting updates. (If you’re struggling with fomo, this post is for you.) Here’s my quick rundown of the key product updates we shared:

1. Onboard faster with built-in network management

Now it’s easier than ever to quickly onboard your suppliers: you just set the terms of engagement, the level of the company, and any other information you need to do business with your suppliers and… that’s it.

Once they’re onboarded, it’s simple to send surveys, share documents, and collaborate in real time. And, if any of their information changes, no big deal: you’re notified in real time, and given all the tools you need to review and approve.

2. Discover the seller club

Seller Club is a value-added service for sellers to simplify their AR process, get discounts, employ advanced analytics, and be part of a trusted community for exclusive access to the world’s largest buyers. Looking for a leg up with buyers? Join the (Seller) Club.

3. Get ready for AI at network scale

Ada’s our AI layer, and it’s going to change the game for the entire platform. Ada brings machine learning, natural language processing and other intelligent functionality to both our platform and the third-party apps built on our platform. Ada also optimizes the chat-based interface that our users collaborate on by offering smart suggestions and gives insight into data they might be overlooking.

4. Come here for the deep cuts

Now there’s a Tableau Connector for access to all your Tradeshift data. You can combine it with data from your other systems and perform comprehensive data analysis. There’s also an analytics API available for your developers. And we’re working with our Banking Partners on integrating deep financial information from bank sources.

5. Early payments wallet with Tradeshift Pay

Hey pal, gimme your wallet. Because we have a better one for you! We’ve just got one, but it has everything: supply chain finance, dynamic discounting, virtual cards for invoice payment, and flexible finance. As a buyer, it’s all you need to manage your supplier payment options and take command and control of your cash.

6. Tradeshift Cash: democratizing commerce

More than $9 trillion of supply chain transactions are unfinanced. That’s where Tradeshift Cash will be making a huge impact. It enables a new financing ecosystem with blockchain technology. But it’s not in cryptocurrency, it’s built with crypto-technology. It’s a marketplace for goodwill: it gives access to market and finance through digital reputational assets tokenized for perfect liquidity and linked to distributed ledgers and crypto trade currencies. It’s a new framework for making commerce for all.

You don’t have to wait on the future for faster supplier onboarding, simplified network management, deep analytics, and optimized payments. The future is here, it’s real, and it’s Tradeshift.

View the presentation from the summit below.

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