5 inspiring quotes from our latest Innovation Summit

July 4, 2019 James Hayward


It was hard not to feel inspired at our recent Innovation Summit in Copenhagen—the birthplace of Tradeshift. For a day and a half, our customers and partners came together to explore the concept of designing for change in a series of talks and interactive workshops.


The time to transform supply chains and businesses is now. We all have the power to design for change and be an innovator. Take these quotes and inspiration and get out there. And don’t worry—we’ve got your back to take this journey together.


“$2 trillion will be spent on digital transformation by 2022. We all know we have to change. But the big question is what are we transforming towards?”

Christian Lanng, CEO & Co-Founder, Tradeshift


The winners will be those enterprises with a solid vision of the future and where they want to be. Go back to those first principles around what you’re trying to achieve, and design a future where you can do just that. 


“Designing for the sake of change doesn’t change a thing. We must design change that matters.”

David Fellah, Chairman & Co-Founder, Strategic Design Group 


No business is an island. So your thinking mustn’t be narrow when designing for change. Your decisions will not only impact your enterprise, they’ll impact the entire ecosystem around it. 


“If we’re just doing the technology, we’re not doing digital transformation at all. You need to move beyond automating and designing completely new ways of doing things.” 

Amy Fong, Associate Principal at The Hackett Group


Digital transformation isn’t about using technology. It’s about challenging the status quo and giving your enterprise the tools, processes, and people to thrive. 


“Innovation often starts with a ‘what if’ question about the future.”

Angela Oguntala, Founding Partner, Greyspace


You may think you don’t have the ability to make change happen. You do. We all do. You just need to ask those ‘what if’ questions and work towards designing a world you want to see. 


“The willingness to change must be backed by the courage to change.”

Ahmed Mazhari, Chief Growth Officer, Genpact 


If you’re a changemaker, go make it happen. Taking that first step is never easy but you can do it. 


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