Supply chain B2B payments: improving cash flow in the supply chain

August 5, 2019 Matt Vermeulen

Only 12% of early payment opportunities are captured in the supply chain. Fragmented processes and disconnected buyers, suppliers, and financial institutions result in untapped opportunities to access working capital. What solutions exist to solve these issues today? And how will network finance improve cash flow for all? 

Executives are invested in strategic solutions for the business. To understand the technology and the costs associated with them means the CFOs need to understand how digitization helps their business achieve success. Many are seeking to drive efficiency inside their company, but less are trying to do the same within the supply chain. And unlocking capital is one of the key answers to achieve that digitization

Join host Amy Moore and guests Sarika Garg, Gert Sylvest, Andrew Jesse and Thijs Stalenhoef of Tradeshift to discuss solutions.

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Matt Vermeulen

Matt Vermeulen writes about B2B commerce for Tradeshift. Whether he's writing about Accounts Payable best practices or debunking AI myths, Matt enjoys making complex topics easy to understand and fun to read.

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