Tradeshift named G2 Leader for Fall 2020

December 11, 2020 Editorial Team

After being recognized as the top pick amongst competitors for 2020 by Gartner Peer Insights, Tradeshift has earned yet another accolade by being named a G2 Leader for Fall 2020. What does this mean? It means our customers like what we’re doing and it shows in their reviews. In particular, they’ve called us out on three fronts: functionality, invoice tracking and support.

Here are some of the nice things they had to say:

On our functionality:

“I like the fact that I can accept purchase orders as well as view, print and comment on them right in one spot. It eliminates all emails from going back and forth. I also love that I can invoice right to this portal.”

“I submit our invoices through the Tradeshift site. All the vital information is already in the system - I don't have to re-enter it. With a few clicks, our invoice is submitted; and it's easy to track the status.”

On invoice tracking:

“The ease of operating the system and creating the invoice for you is so refreshing. I like that I do not have to contact a person directly to find out the status of my invoices and purchase order numbers. They are constantly keeping you updated on where your invoices are in their system and when payment will be issued.”

On support:

“The tech team is very kind and supportive.”

“The support team is very supportive and nice.”

“The support team is great and helpful.!”

“It is pretty easy to get help on issues, and get those issues resolved quickly.”

2020 has been hard for everyone, which is why it means so much to us that our customers still count on us for solutions that make their businesses stronger. Whether it’s finding the right app partner to enable smooth digitization, getting them onto a network with exponentially more customers, or providing them with an insight into their own supply chain that they might not have noticed otherwise, the possibility of winning for them has been what’s gotten us out of bed every day during this difficult year.

So, happy holidays everyone and thanks for the kind words. You can find out more about our solutions and how we help our customers digitize, automate and grow here.