Tradeshift Index of Global Trade Health: Transport and Logistics Industry Focus

November 19, 2020 Tradeshift Editorial Team

Introducing the Transport and Logistics Focus report of our Q3 Tradeshift Index of Global Trade Health—a quarterly report that uses the data flowing across the Tradeshift network to provide a unique insight into the state of global trade—where we dig a little deeper into the activity level between buyers and sellers across the sector. 


The T&L vertical is one of the strongest verticals active on our platform. What we uncovered, at both a global and regional level, is that the patterns we are seeing emerge suggest that the pandemic’s first wave had a less severe impact on the transport and logistics sector than many other industries. Recovery has also been quicker. 

Some key findings from this focused report are that:

  • Trade activity dropped by 10% in Q2, but it bounced back strongly in Q3, rising 12%.
  • In the US, transaction volumes rose 15.9%. In the Eurozone, activity rose 16.9%.
  • The UK is struggling to build the same momentum. T&L transaction activity rose by just 10%, having fallen by more than 16% in Q2.
  • Order volumes across the sector dropped by 21% in Q2. This is having an impact in Q3 on liquidity among suppliers across the sector.

Hear from industry experts and read the full report to dig a little deeper into the adversity and opportunity as the COVID crisis continues. Then take a look at how you can plan for the unexpected and harness technology as we enter into a critical recovery phase and build a truly digitized relationship between buyers and sellers.


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