Embracing e-invoicing in the public sector

January 21, 2019

E-invoicing is a crucial tool in the digitization strategies of forward thinking UK public sector organizations. Yet, while some are embracing e-invoicing with great success, others are falling behind and remain trapped by legacy processes and technology. This means they’re spending taxpayer cash on invoice processing and not improving public services.

This survey, conducted by iGov, in partnership with Tradeshift, provides a unique insight into how leading public sector organizations are adopting e-invoicing and using it as a foundational pillar of their digitization strategy.

In this survey you’ll discover:

  • The state of digitization in the UK public sector

  • The reasons you should be adopting e-invoicing

  • The challenges the UK public sector face when digitizing and how to overcome them

  • Why supplier financing should be part of every e-invoicing project

  • Strategies for success

Download this survey and understand how to kick start your e-invoicing project today.