Busting payable finance myths: key trends & issues in the digital age

April 13, 2018

Global Business Intelligence’s report is an independent source designed to help any professional on the P2P network get up to date insights on the latest trends in early pay techniques. The 2018 guide gives decision making insight to businesses interested in either self-funded or third party “buyer-led early pay solutions.” Over the last ten years, GBI has worked to bust myths and bring business insights to the industry. This year, they’ve interviewed 30 top corporate treasurers to bring deeper insight into various early pay programs.

In this year’s report you’ll learn key:

  • Buyer-led early pay options

  • Trends and issues impacting buyer-led techniques

  • Priorities of major providers

Read the report to gain valuable insight into how you can take advantage of this critical insight into the best programs for your early payment options.