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Tradeshift Announced as Winner of First Annual Perceptions Analytics Award for Most Reliable Network

The annual award recognizes the electronic invoicing solution provider for their work to streamline invoice processing and improve relationships between suppliers and customers.

Christian Lanng chats with SKY TV’s Ian King about the new Tradeshift Index of Global Trade Health 

New data from our most recent Global Trade Index suggested that, at least in the US, the supply crisis was starting to stabilize. “There is more domestic supply and the US companies tend to be larger,” Christian said when asked to explain the discrepancy between how well the US was doing compared to Asia and Europe. “Which also means they tend to be earlier in the queue when they’re ordering from suppliers.”  

Tradeshift’s Index of Global Trade Health Q4 2021

Our latest Index of Global Trade Health shows that cumulative transaction volume growth across the Tradeshift platform stayed flat in Q4 compared to pre-pandemic forecasts. Recent history suggests that things could have been a lot worse.

French Finance Law: Changes imposed on electronic transactions in France

The subject of e-invoicing has been at the forefront nationally in France for several years. Now, following the successful implementation of the Chorus platform for the public sector, legislation is taking a new step: In 2024, the digitization of B2B domestic invoices will become mandatory for large and mid-sized companies.

Paradigm Shift: Do the economics of supply chain resilience still work in a post-pandemic world?

Supply chains are in the headlines daily as container ships clog busy ports and everything from cars to dishwashers has been impacted by the shortage of silicon chips. Christian Lanng, Tradeshift’s CEO, and Rob van Ipenburg founder of Quyntess discuss.

World trade gets a reality check

Economists headed into the summer optimistic about the speed of recovery. Many are now wondering if the engines of growth are losing steam.

The Tradeshift Index of Global Trade Health Q3

Charting the recovery Cumulative activity growth between buyers and suppliers on the Tradeshift platform since Q1 2020.

Why I’m joining business leaders calling for a new trading system

Today I joined global business leaders in calling on world leaders to re-engage in trade reform and supercharge the post-pandemic global recovery by signing the World Economic Forum’s Trade for Tomorrow Call to Action.

Creating a digital and collaborative supply chain with Quyntess

Quyntess & Tradeshift are committed to providing users with best-in-class software built to create a collaborative & digital supply chain process.

The Tradeshift Index of Global Trade Health Q2 2021

Tradeshift’s Index of Global Trade Health analyzes anonymized data flowing across our platform to reveal a timely perspective of how external events are impacting business to-business commerce around the world.