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The ultimate guide to procure-to-pay success

February 7, 2017 Tradeshift Editorial Team

The global economy is undergoing a massive transition. Last year saw Brexit, the unprecedented election of Donald Trump, and governments in the heart of Europe falling due to economic issues. This domino effect of populism and protectionism affects your organization, and your wallet. And that’s not even your biggest problem. Fortune 500 stalwarts are continuing to fall by the wayside as startups backed by billions in funding surge to the top. That’s why we wrote The Ultimate Guide to Procure-to-Pay Success.

Why is 2017 a pivotal year for P2P?

At the World Economic Forum this year, the conversation was all Post-Industrial trade and transformative technology—Fintech, AI, Blockchain, Hyperloop, and more—highlighting the importance of a network approach to a globalized future. And then there’s China.

The Silk Road, a prime example of the new face of business commerce and economic globalization, and an indicator of our current economic zeitgeist, folds the world map. China becomes next door neighbors with Europe from an infrastructure perspective. Think about the implications for global commerce, and the impacts to your supply chain as well as the enormous opportunities—but only if you’re ready. Your best bet –be prepared for anything.

What to do now

You’ll need to work smarter, not harder. Success will require thoughtful planning and agility. Traditional means will not lead to the innovations required to address global issues; the only way forward is a multi-stakeholder approach built on the back of collaboration. The backbone of your strategy: to acquire and create more value for everyone—your team, your stakeholders, your customers, yourself.

How does that translate to your procure-to-pay (P2P) processes?

The Ultimate Guide to Procure-to-Pay Success covers the four key Pillars of P2P essential to running an effective, world-class P2P program. Packed with proven tactics garnering impressive results, this Ultimate Guide doesn’t just talk about how you can achieve your goals, it shows you how to do it.
Get this guide and inaugurate the beginning of your P2P success.

Download the guide here

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