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The top questions you should ask when moving your procure-to-pay solution to the cloud

October 30, 2017 Haley Fraser

Nothing strikes concern into the heart as much as being told one’s on-premise procure-to-pay provider is hiking maintenance fees, and the only other reasonable choice is a non-choice: a cloud solution created by that same provider. A tough choice shouldn’t be made without due diligence, and we strongly believe that in order to thoroughly understand a change, one must first know the right questions they should be asking. 

Get your copy of [Infographic] What should I Ask if I’m Being Asked to Move my Procure-to-Pay to the Cloud?!

Cloud P2P isn’t a new concept, but it has changed significantly since its inception. And as technology has matured, not all cloud solutions have grown to be as user-friendly or functional as others. While some solutions encourage accounts payable and procurement to remain siloed, others will allow for cross-functional collaboration, necessary for collaborating effectively in the future.  

There is much to consider when choosing a cloud, P2P provider. Some considerations are obvious. For example – what sort of security does a cloud provider offer? With data security breaches commonly overtaking headlines, most organizations are becoming more cautious when it comes to their financial data. For the less obvious questions, we’ve crafted an infographic to help guide you through the decision making process. Fill out the form below, and make sure you’re asking the right questions.