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Celebrating women leaders in tech and procurement

March 7, 2017 Haley Fraser

Tomorrow on International Women’s Day, the campaign theme is Be Bold For Change. Without bold action, the status quo can never be challenged. At Tradeshift, we seek to disrupt antiquated systems and software that inhibit individuals and businesses from reaching their full potential. Acting boldly in the name of progress is a core part of our ethos, and extends to how we approach diversity of all kinds.

While the tech industry has gained the reputation for being progressive in many respects, the gender gap is hardly closing. If companies can develop innovative software and disrupt broken processes, it should be logical that gender inequality can be approached with the same mentality. Embracing differences, not silencing them, is the only way to truly succeed.

Recent headlines about sexual harassment and misogyny in Silicon Valley in tech leaders such as Uber are upsetting, but can also be the tipping point needed to bring about real change to a culture in need of a leap forward in equality and acceptance.

Signs of progress are, thankfully, also plentiful. Our friends at Procurement Leaders have announced a new female CEO – Nandini Basuthakur to lead the organization.  In fact, it seems that procurement is taking a progressive stance on addressing gender parity. Communities such as Procurious are pioneering discussions that are essential to closing the existing gap.

There is tremendous hope for equality in tech, however. Take it directly from our women leaders, who spoke on gender and leadership in Davos, Switzerland during the World Economic Forum in January. They discussed their own challenges as women in leadership roles, and how they can use strengths-based leadership to succeed. Consider it an inspiration to be bold for change.