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What it means to be named one of Spend Matters’ 2021 ‘50 to Know’ Providers in Procurement Technology

What it means to be named one of Spend Matters’ 2021 ‘50 to Know’ Providers…

How to improve your buyer/seller relationships

Embrace an early payment program at your organization to enjoy better supplier relationships, steady cash flow, and a more resilient business function.

Tradeshift Named to the 2021 CB Insights Fintech 250 List of Top Fintech Startups as Innovators in the Business Lending and Finance category

Tradeshift was recognized today as one of the top Fintech startups in the world by CB Insights in its fourth annual Fintech 250 awards. We're one of a select group of companies to be singled out as innovators in the Business Lending and Finance space.

Essential Guide to Seller Relationship Management

Learn everything about seller relationship management in our complete guide.

Why I’m joining business leaders calling for a new trading system

Today I joined global business leaders in calling on world leaders to re-engage in trade reform and supercharge the post-pandemic global recovery by signing the World Economic Forum’s Trade for Tomorrow Call to Action.

How early payments increase your working capital

Increase working capital by implementing an early payment program, your organization can secure cash more quickly, leading to a more liquid business.

Creating a digital and collaborative supply chain with Quyntess

Quyntess & Tradeshift are committed to providing users with best-in-class software built to create a collaborative & digital supply chain process.

4 Steps For Creating a Stronger Supplier Relationship Management Process

As business grows, your supplier relations can become complicated. Follow these 4 steps for a robust supplier relationship management process for the long haul.

7 Spend analytics best practices for easy spend tracking

Utilize spend analytic best practices at your organization to gain deeper insight into their teams’ spending habits and processes. See how:

How retailers are using digital platforms to meet consumer demands

While initially hit hard by the pandemic, the retail industry has the opportunity to expand its operations, but it will take embracing digital tools.

Breaking down barriers to production in manufacturing

Discover expert advice for manufacturing professionals when it comes to strengthening their supply chains.

How Accounts payable internal controls secure your AP process

Stay free of risk and error by using accounts payable internal controls within your AP process. See what you can do to improve your procure-to-pay process.

Accounts payable automation for finance

Our world is built with a need for strong financial institutions, and with that, safe and secure ones that we can trust to protect our finances and information. In a world where so much of what we do takes place in a virtual manner, having ap automation solutions to help mitigate r

Digitalization in retail is the key to success

Digitalization is not a new idea by any means. It’s been a buzzword spread around the business space for years now. But, what you might not be aware of, is how digitalization can help you create an efficient, productive, and adaptable approach to retail supply chain management.

The push for digitalization in manufacturing

At its core, manufacturing is about creating strong relationships with buyers, building out a streamlined production process, and ensuring a steady flow of supplies and cash flow. But, many manufacturers are finding troubles with securing payments and creating a reliable and organized process. Enter: digital transformation